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I have been radio silent on my website for the last nine months, but it’s time to bring it back to life. Ever since I broke my foot last October I have been looking for the right way to reenter the running community. As soon as I was cleared to run I immediately got back out on the trails, but racing was been put on the back burner. Just like many of you life got in the way of my time to race, but I haven’t given up on my training in case time permits. Any extra time I have away from work or family has bee spent trying to raise funds for my daughters theatre. As many of you know my daughter Petra is extremely active in theatre and the arts. She spends most days during the week at voice lessons, rehearsals, or acting classes honing her skills. She is one of the younger kids at the theatre she has been performing at for the last two and a half years but that has presented her with the opportunity to learn for others. Being part of something so powerful has taught her patience, pride, and the power of hard work.


Desert Stages Theatre is a home for kids from ages 3-19 and has watched over 22,000 kids come though the front doors to perform over the last 21 years. Unfortunately as the end of the year approaches so does the day when they need to close the doors and move to a new location. The current landlords have been incredible allowing us extra time to raise the funds but we still need help. Please help us save our theatre.[/caption]The theatre is not moving to another location because they want something better, their moving because they have to. Even with moving the current lights, sound system, and stage materials we’re still well off where we need to be to move this winter.

We have done a number of fundraisers over the last year to try and get into our new home, but we’re still short. The look in the kids eyes is the same look you would see if you had to tell a high school baseball team that their field was being taken away unless they could come up with enough money to get a new one.

In the time I have been at the theatre I have meet some of the most incredible people, many of whom have asked me for running/walking advice. While I’ve never been a coach, I did start my running path from a place I never want to go back to. A 275 pound man suffering from depression, anxiety, and anger after the loss of my dad. I had never ran a day in my life before I turned 34 years old and with the help of my wife I learned how a little bit of hard work can take you wherever you want to go. I want to share that with others and show you just how easy it can be done.

Please help us save our theatre.

Please help us save our theatre.

With the approval of the theatre I have put together a community event to help motivate parents, kids, and community members to get out and exercise. Being able to get up in front of a group of people and tell my story is something I feel a passion for, and I know there is something everyone can take home from it. My goal isn’t to make people runners, my goal is to bring people together and learn from others while raising funds for the theatre. My story isn’t that different from many of you out there, but I found motivation through my wife, daughter, and wanting to live life to the fullest. It’s so easy to give up on ourselves and say we can’t do something, but that is that complete polar opposite of what we tell our kids and what we should be telling ourselves.

Couch to 5k – Desert Stages Theatre – October 23, 2016, 6pm – Sponsored by IRun and Tapas Papa Fritas

On October 23, 2016 I want you to join me at Desert Stages Theatre for a motivational talk on adversity, overcoming obstacles, depression, and how adjusting ones mindset can change the way you see yourself. I’m offering two options to help us fill the theatre and raise funds for DST. Have you ever wanted to get out with your family and enjoy the outdoors, but weren’t sure where to start? Have you found yourself saying I can’t ever do that or its too difficult to start? Let me help you get started, get motivated to run/walk, and get out there and complete a 5K with your family. Nothing is too difficult if you’re willing to put your mind to it.

My dad and I before I gained another 40 pounds

My dad and I before I gained 40 pounds

Option 1: $50 – Presentation on 10/23 on on Got to Live, copy of my book Got to Live, entry into the Runner’s Den 5K on 12/11, and weekly group coaching and email updates until the event. (All proceeds besides race entry will go directly to DST. This is a 501c3 organization and may be tax deductible). Dinner provided by Tapas Papa Frita.


Option 2: $30 – Presentation on 10/23 on Got to Live, on Got to Live, copy of the book Got to Live, weekly email updates and group coaching. (all proceeds go to DST. This is a 501c3 and may be tax deductible) Dinner provided by Tapas Papa Frita.


We will be selling 150 tickets to the event and everyone is welcome. Tickets are now available for Got to Live.